TrustLogix Elevates Data Security Governance for Snowflake Customers

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TrustLogix offers a comprehensive data security governance solution optimized for the Snowflake Data Cloud. TrustLogix's AI and ML-driven, multi-cloud data security platform interoperates and integrates natively with Snowflake, providing a non-invasive and efficient implementation. As a part of the Snowflake Horizon Partner Ecosystem, TrustLogix provides customers with capabilities to manage compliance, security, privacy, and access control within a single unified platform.

Over the past year, we have made multiple announcements about our integration with the Snowflake Data Cloud. Today, we are proud to showcase our collaboration with Snowflake Horizon.  Snowflake Horizon is Snowflake’s built-in governance solution with a unified set of compliance, security, privacy, interoperability, and access capabilities. Since Day 1, TrustLogix has been focused on providing best-of-breed data security governance capabilities to enable joint customers to trust their data in Snowflake and take action with confidence. Working deeply within our joint customer accounts, we have uncovered the use case trends that deliver maximum customer impact.  

Key customer partnerships include companies in several industries with complex data security needs.

  • Large Scale Enterprise Security and Identity Risks at Global 2000 brands
  • Compliance Challenges for Regulated Industries including Finance, Insurance, and Marketing
  • Precision Data Privacy Policies for Marketing and eCommerce Businesses


The partnership enables organizations to harness the full power of Snowflake's built-in governance features to gain visibility into data usage, implement precision policies, and proactively govern data in a complex landscape. TrustLogix positions itself as a strategic partner for end-to-end data security governance, leveraging Snowflake Horizon to provide customers with the tools they need to transform data compliance into a competitive advantage.

Compliance, Simplified

TrustLogix simplifies compliance by supporting key Snowflake Horizon capabilities. Trustlogix and Snowflake provide a unified interface for organizations to discover risky data movement, monitor for unexpected usage, detect access risks, and promptly mitigate compliance violations.

TrustLogix leverages Snowflake's built-in compliance features like change tracking, access history, and data lineage. This enables organizations in financial services and credit unions to align both Data/IT and security teams on the security posture, enforce compliant data sharing, NCUA (National Credit Union Administration) audits in addition to enforce adherence to regulations like SOX, SOC2, and GDPR.

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Proactive Security

Proactive Security

Commonly, many enterprises run data platforms both on-premise and in the cloud. TrustLogix’s multi-cloud data security platform provides enterprise-grade security that discovers security violations and detects blind spots across data platforms. Specifically, TrustLogix monitors security-related Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) including CSI security benchmark configurations. Violations of established security rules are immediately flagged to governance teams.

TrustLogix integrates with the access control capabilities (RBAC) of Snowflake to provide organizations with visibility into user access patterns and data sharing. This enables the identification of security policy violations or anomalous data usage activities that pose a risk. Going beyond just monitoring, TrustLogix also facilitates remediation actions. It acts as a guardian against threats by alerting when sensitive data is exported or shared inappropriately between accounts. TrustLogix doesn't just provide visibility but also helps to promptly mitigate security risks.

Privacy with Precision

TrustLogix makes it easy with no-code policies for organizations to implement granular policies that protect sensitive data while retaining analytic utility. TrustLogix provides a unified interface for data owners to leverage the Snowflake Horizon privacy capabilities like dynamic data masking, row access policies, and privacy tags. This enables marketing and e-commerce enterprises to deal with PII data regulations with the construction of context-aware policies to mask or restrict access to subsets of data.

Rather than taking an all-or-nothing approach, TrustLogix enables policy architects to apply the granular privacy controls needed to secure data. By harnessing Snowflake's privacy features, TrustLogix delivers simple, flexible tools to construct precise privacy policies tailored to organizational needs. This facilitates responsible data analysis while safeguarding sensitive information.

Monitor and Enforce Least-Privilege using Access Analyzer

TrustLogix Access Analyzer enables organizations to implement least privilege access controls through integration with Snowflake access control capabilities.

The solution analyzes user access patterns to gain visibility into permissions and data usage. Organizations can track what data each user can access and when they last accessed it. Based on this analysis, TrustLogix empowers organizations to promptly detect excessive permissions and take corrective actions. This facilitates proactive, context-aware access governance following the principle of least privilege.

Secure Snowflake Data with Confidence

TrustLogix, in partnership with Snowflake, enables organizations to embrace robust data governance. By harnessing Snowflake Horizon's security, compliance, privacy, and access capabilities, TrustLogix provides a unified, multi-cloud, data security solution for end-to-end security governance including visibility, recommendations, and remediation. Unlock the full value of data to drive innovation and results with Snowflake Horizon and TrustLogix.


Talk with a data security specialist at TrustLogix today and learn more about how we work with Snowflake customers to make the most of their data. 

About TrustLogix

TrustLogix accelerates digital transformation by simplifying enterprise data security and privacy. Its unified platform centralizes observability and simplifies the implementation and enforcement of fine-grained access control across all clouds and data platforms — empowering enterprises with the confidence to scale data-driven innovation without sacrificing performance. For more information on TrustLogix, which is headquartered in Mountain View, CA, please visit or connect with us on Twitter at @TrustLogix.


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