Safeguard Your Data Access Quickly & Easily. 

See Cloud Data Security and Governance in action. In less than 30 minutes, you will learn how to ensure secure, fast, and auditable access to your data.


The power of TrustLogix. Discover how you can quickly and seamlessly connect security to your existing platforms without incurring additional risk.
How to simplify development and implementation of policy and controls. Execute granular data access through a single pane, English-based user interface.
How to maintain compliance by monitoring intelligence about your threats. Enjoy real-time monitoring, audit trails, and AI-based recommendations.

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Democratize Data Security to Accelerate Business Innovation

Privacy Access

Protect Data Access

Safeguard your data using a zero-risk architecture to control the privacy, security, and availability of your information stores. TrustLogix offers easy-to-use integrations to model security policies natively into your existing data platforms.


Enforce Data Control

Develop granular access policies using TrustLogix’s streamlined interface. Real-time visibility, access audits, and a powerful AI engine create actionable recommendations that support continued refinement of data access policies.

Empower Data

Empower Data Management

Foster collaboration between business and security governance teams. Data owners and managers both have a say in who can access their data, streamlining business processes, accessibility, and enhancing performance.