The Data Security Platform Designed for the Modern Cloud-Native Distributed Data Ecosystem

Your Data may be Distributed, but your Data Security Posture Management Should Not Be:

  • Built for the cloud, massively scalable, yet deployable in minutes.  Cloud-native Trustlet conducts security observability and pushes least-privilege policies natively to the underlying data platforms.
  • Centralized visibility to security risks and centralized policy management, across all clouds and data platforms
  • Proxyless, agentless, requires no changes to underlying data infrastructure.  
  • Does not see or touch the data itself!    
  • Available both as SaaS and deployed to customer-managed clouds

TrustLogix Ecosystem


TrustLogix vs. Alternatives

Legacy Data Security Platforms
On-prem technologies ported to the cloud, scalability limits, more time & effort to deploy Built for the cloud, massively scalable, deployable within minutes
Data must be routed through proxies or agents, requiring changes to your network configurations, data infrastructure and pipelines Completely non-invasive, no proxies or agents, no lock-in
Limited to work with specific data platforms or environments Fully heterogeneous, works across all clouds and data platforms
Requires access to the data itself Does not see or touch the data itself, connects only for schema and configuration metadata and logfiles


Do It Yourself
Must monitor risks and implement policies for each data source separately, requires scripting and SQL coding, with data-engineering-intensive work efforts required Single point of visibility and control, define policies once and TrustLogix automatically deploys natively within each data source, no data engineering intensive work required
Per-data-source implementations can result in gaps and inconsistencies across data sources No gaps, ensure complete consistency across all clouds and data sources
IT becomes the bottleneck Productive and proactive visibility and control, automated recommendations and enforcement of least-privilege policies, and deliver the right data at the right time without delays
Changes require ongoing data engineering work, opportunity cost of data engineers not working on higher value projects, risks of losing code-level implementation knowledge due to turnover Centrally manage changes across all data sources, no code maintenance required


TrustLogix Deployment

The “Secret Sauce” that makes all this possible is the Trustlet™. The Trustlet is a serverless cloud-native component that can run in any cloud environment, and where it deploys is completely within our customers’ control. The Trustlet interacts with each data environment in the following ways:

  • Connect to read schema metadata and IAM (identity and access management) metadata
  • Read logfiles to monitor usage behaviors
  • Define and deploy data-platform-native access policies
  • Alert on security risks and report on overall data security posture

The Trustlet does not, and cannot, see or modify the data itself.

Customers can choose to deploy Trustlets either in TrustLogix’s own SaaS environment, or in their own managed clouds. AWS, GCP and Azure are supported.

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