TrustLogix for AWS Redshift


TrustLogix provides visibility, recommendations, fine-grained data access controls, and audit across AWS Redshift clusters from a single pane of glass


Data Monitoring & Insights

Gain visibility into data access risks with actionable insights and recommendations.

Total Visibility
TrustLogix gives you a birds-eye view across all your Redshift instances, and detects over-privileged users and anonymous behavior that could indicate data exfiltration attempts

Actionable Insights
TrustLogix analyzes Redshift data usage patterns and makes recommendations on how to tighten your data access governance policies to eliminate overly granted privileges and reduce risk

Granular Data Entitlements

Rapidly model, deploy, and enforce granular data access controls and data masking at row and column levels—ensuring that security, privacy, and compliance requirements are easily and consistently enforced across all Redshift clusters from a single pane of glass

RBAC Integration
TrustLogix's RBAC integration enables seamless data entitlements policies by leveraging AWS IAM Roles directly from the TrustLogix console

RLS Integration for Row-Level Security
TrusLogix integrates with Redshift RLS to deliver fine-grained rowlevel security for your sensitive data

Column Masking for Privacy Mandates
Mask sensitive Redshift data like account numbers, credit cards, and other PII and PHI to cmply with legislative requirements like HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR

Codify Business Rules as Data Entitlements
The TrustLogix-Redshift integration lets you model business rules as fine-grained data entitlements directly from the TrustLogix console


Secure Data Sharing

Monitor and enforce fine-grained data entitlements for third-party data as it gets refactored and flows through Redshift for consumption by internal and external users

Track Data Flow To and Through Redshift
TrustLogix lets you track how upstream data is consumed in Redshift and alerts you if it gets moved in anomalous frequencies or volumes

Honor Upstream Data Governance Mandates
TrustLogix enforces data access requirements in Redshift from upstream sources to ensure you're complying with SLAs and terms of use

Enforce Policies Downstream
TrustLogix enforces your fine-grained Redshift policies even if your data scientists and analysts repackage third-part data into new products and services, and regardless of how consumers connect to Redshift to access that data

Running in Minutes, Productive in Hours

You can be up and running, and productive with TrustLogix in just a few hours

Step 1

Register a Redshift Cluster with TrustLogix in just a few minutes. We will immediately start analyzing your existing policies and cross-referencing them with the past 90 days of data access history

Step 2

TrustLogix will begin delivering insights about inappropriate access and over-privileged users and roles, and making recommendations for tightening up your data access control policies

Step 3

Your Data Security team can then model those recommendations using the TrustLogix console to deliver fine-grained data entitlements for your Redshift infrastructure

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AWS services supported

Amazon S3
Amazon Dynamo
Amazon RDS
Amazon Glue
Amazon Private Link

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