Simplify Your Data Controls

Cloud Data Access Governance Delivers Central Management of Privacy, Security, & Availability

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Automated Cloud Data Security That Is Fast, Safe, Easy, and Auditable

TrustLogix makes Cloud Data Access Governance secure, fast, safe, easy, and auditable


Instant Visibility into Data Risks Across All Your Data Stores

Your team has total visibility into data risk, broken out by data source and type of risk.

Key Benefits of TrustLogix

Cloud-Native Architecture Covers All Your Data Sources Without Agents or Proxies

TrustLogix is powered by a modern architecture that delivers security directly at the data layer across your various cloud data stores.

Your Data Stays Private
Proxy-less, agentless architecture ensures that we never touch your data

No Vendor Lock-in
Zero proprietary integrations into your applications or data platforms

Flexible Deployment Models
TrustLogix can run as a pure SaaS solution or be deployed into your private cloud

Blazing Performance
At runtime, there is zero overhead between your authorized users and your data

See Vulnerabilities and Access Patterns Across Cloud Providers

Gain visibility into data access risks, and identify and address vulnerabilities consistently across cloud platforms.

Centralized data access and usage monitoring across all clouds

Actionable Insights
AI-driven recommendation engine provides personalized suggestions to tighten your data access policies

Compliance Reporting
Rich evidence to support your SOX, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, and other legislative mandates

Reduce Risk at the Data Layer with Granular Access Controls

Rapidly model, deploy, and enforce granular data access controls and data masking at row and column levels—ensuring that security, privacy, and compliance requirements are easily and consistently enforced.

Granular and Precise Data Entitlements
Attribute-based access control (ABAC), role-based access control (RBAC), and fine-grained data controls secure the entire data pipeline—from ingestion to usage

No-Code Policy Administration
TrustLogix auto-generates the underlying SQL code for Snowflake, Redshift, S3, Databricks, and your other cloud data platforms to ensure easy, fast, and consistent policy management

Remove access when it's no longer needed to ensure continuous enforcement of the Least Privilege principle

Implement Digital Transformation Simply and Securely

Implement your secure data access controls across your cloud environments consistently with zero friction in minutes — not months. 

Data On-Demand
Reduce the data request/approval/access process from weeks down to minutes

Streamline HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, and SOX compliance by leveraging business data tagging from Collibra, Snowflake, and others

Business-Security Collaboration
Empower business and security teams to efficiently collaborate to define and enforce data access policies

Secure Data Access Easily Integrates with Top Cloud Providers

Don’t worry about the specific provider policies. Simplify your cloud data security management from a central SaaS platform using AI and automation.



Secure Data Access Use Cases


Discover Hidden Data Risk

Analyze access patterns and user behavior to uncover hidden risk caused by ineffective controls, forgotten data, and overly permissioned access.


Data SecOps

Leverage TrustLogix’s Role Navigator to manage complex data access policies and quickly troubleshoot and resolve access issues.


Simplify Multi-Cloud Audit & Compliance

Demonstrate compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, SOX, and other regulations across all your disparate cloud data stores with speed, ease, and simplicity.


Enforce Least Privilege Policies

Shave down access to your data to what is truly needed using RBAC, ABAC, and Data Entitlements for data consumers and privileged users.


Govern Multi-Cloud Data Sprawl

Track your data as it proliferates from across disparate clouds, and get alerted for suspicious behavior and indicators of exfiltration.


Accelerate LOB Onboarding

Leverage your existing access patterns to onboard Lines of Business (LOBs) faster using organization-wide role and privilege templates

Entrust Your Data Security to TrustLogix.

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