Simplified Data Security and Privacy
for the Snowflake Data Cloud

The TrustLogix Cloud Data Security Platform breaks down silos between data owners, security owners and data consumers, so you can secure your Snowflake environments at scale.

  • Within minutes, discovers your data access issues such as unusual activity, role explosion, and over-privileged accounts
  • Recommends and deploys no-code fine-grained policies
  • Continuously monitors and audits activity, and ensures ongoing policy compliance
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Ravi Kumar, Senior Partner Sales Engineer

Snowflake's Senior Partner Sales Engineer, Ravi Kumar, highlights how TrustLogix supports Snowflake customers and helps elevate data security.
The TrustLogix data security platform yielded immediate visibility and prescriptive recommendations, which helped us automate and operationalize our access controls, audit, and compliance processes and respond to data access requests and issues, so the customers always have access to the right data at the right time.

- Bharat Goyal, EVP, Head of Engineering, Zeta Global, a Powered By Snowflake partner

Snowflake enables companies to analyze and share data at cloud scale. TrustLogix allows this sharing to happen easily and securely, while keeping the data resident within Snowflake. TrustLogix’s architecture secures the data right at the source which is in the best interests of our joint customers.

- Jonathan Sander, Security Field CTO, Snowflake


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Webinar Highlight: Seth Youssef of Snowflake

Snowflake's Security Field CTO, Seth Youssef, discusses support for modern data mesh architectures in Snowflake with TrustLogix.

Snowflake Data Owners:
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Problem statement:

We want to enable more data collaboration across the entire organization, but it is hard for me to keep up with the increasing volume and urgency of data consumer requests for data access, and troubleshoot data access issues.


TrustLogix empowers you to define and apply fine-grained least-privilege policies quickly and uniformly across all Snowflake accounts and schemas, while ensuring you stay aligned with your organization’s enterprise-wide best practices and compliance policies.

  • Enforce standard sets of privileges with Policy Templates that can be applied across all data sources and sets of roles
  • Integrate with Snowflake Data Catalog and Tagging to identify columns and rows of sensitive data, then protect with no-code Snowflake-native de-identification rules and least-privilege access policies
  • Troubleshoot data access issues by visually navigating role and privilege hierarchies for a given data set and identifying what data is accessible for a given user through which role grants
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Learn more about how Jefferies successfully democratized data while enforcing least-privilege access and ensuring full visibility to their data security posture, at scale.



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