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Data Access Governance Platform For Securing And Monitoring Access To Your Data in AWS

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Comprehensive Control and Visibility for Data in AWS

TrustLogix provides a single pane for intelligent monitoring and fine-grained access control across multiple AWS data platforms. Delivered as a proxy-less serverless service, TrustLogix can be deployed in SaaS or Customer cloud to reliably and securely provide data access.

Data Monitoring & Insights

Gain visibility into data access risks with actionable insights and recommendations.

Total Visibility
TrustLogix tracks data access and usage across multiple cloud data stores including DynamoDB, Redshift, S3, and RDS

Actionable Insights
TrustLogix delivers actionable insights into data access patterns and policy abuse

Privacy Preservation

TrustLogix ensures that data privacy mandates from upstream data sources are honored and enforced across AWS, regardless of destination data store.

Integration with Glue Catalog
TrustLogix integrates with Glue Catalog and understands how data has been classified pre-ingestion

Classification-Based Policies
Data Security teams can use Glue tags from the TrustLogix console to define data masking and privacy policies

Policy Enforcement During Ingestion
TrustLogix enforces those policies as part of the data ingestion pipeline to ensure that only the appropriate data is passed into Redshift, Aurora, Dynamo, and other AWS data sources

Granular Data Entitlements

Rapidly model, deploy, and enforce granular data access controls and data masking at row and column levels—ensuring that security, privacy, and compliance requirements are easily and consistently enforced.

Granular Data Entitlements
Fine-Grained data controls secure the entire data pipeline—from ingestion to usage across the AWS platform

No-code Policy Administration
TrustLogix auto-generates the underlying SQL code for Redshift, Dynamo, Aurora, and your other platforms to ensure easy, fast and consistent policy management

Coverage Across the AWS Platform
TrustLogix's integration extends across S3, Aurora, Redshift, RDS, DynamoDB, and the rest of the AWS platform

Democratize Data Security to
Accelerate Business Innovation Across AWS

Platforms and Applications

AWS services supported

Amazon S3
Amazon Dynamo
Amazon RDS
Amazon Glue
Amazon Private Link