TrustLogix Integrates with AWS Redshift Row-Level Security (RLS)

Enterprises get a single pane of glass to monitor and manage fine-grained data access control across Redshift clusters and other clouds

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA (July 12, 2022) – TrustLogix, the Cloud Data Access Governance company, today announced that it has integrated with Amazon AWS Redshift’s newly announced Row-Level Security (RLS) capability. This integration gives joint customers the ability to implement very granular data access controls directly into their Redshift infrastructure in a no-code model through the TrustLogix console. Customers can now implement fine-grained controls that truly model their business rules to ensure that the right people have access to only the right data and that it is available on-demand without creating friction in the business. 


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As an AWS Redshift partner, TrustLogix participated in the RLS Private Beta program and has been working with the Redshift product team to ensure that this integration leverages RLS without impacting user experience and performance so that customers can confidently take advantage of this powerful new capability. 

“Customers are using AWS and Redshift as the backbone for their data-driven digital transformation initiatives. TrustLogix’s integration with Redshift, the latest delivery in our ongoing product roadmap to build tight integrations broadly across the AWS portfolio, will allow those customers to extract maximum business value from their sensitive data without putting it at risk of loss or violating privacy imperatives like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, and other mandates,” said Ganesh Kirti, founder and CEO of TrustLogix. “We’re pleased to deliver this next iteration for our Redshift integration to eliminate manual steps in securing data and provide a single pane to monitor and manage data access controls.”

In addition to RLS, TrustLogix integrates with key Redshift and broader AWS security capabilities including RBAC, Column-Level Access Control, Glue, and Redshift auditing to provide customers with a single pane from which to monitor, govern, and audit data access across Redshift, the rest of AWS, and other cloud data platforms. 

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TrustLogix is a Cloud Data Access Governance platform that accelerates digital transformation by simplifying enterprise data security and privacy. TrustLogix centralizes monitoring and auditing, and simplifies the implementation and enforcement of fine-grained access control across all clouds and data platforms — empowering organizations with the confidence to scale data-driven innovation without sacrificing performance or security. For more information on TrustLogix, which is headquartered in Mountain View, CA, please visit or connect with us on LinkedIn.