TrustLogix Launches Data Security Governance Platform; Secures All Data Across Any Cloud

Catalyzes digital transformation by unifying data security, privacy, and compliance

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA (November 3, 2021) TrustLogix, a Norwest Venture Partners portfolio company, today announced its Data Security Governance Platform, a proxyless, cloud-native platform to unify data security, privacy and compliance without sacrificing performance. As enterprises further embrace digital transformation initiatives, the challenge of managing and securing data becomes more complex. TrustLogix Data Security Governance Platform was created to help data scientists and engineers modernize their data infrastructure in the cloud, making data at once accessible by the right users and completely secure and compliant.


Digital transformation initiatives are driving massive data growth and migrations to the cloud, increasing the complexity around all facets of the business that touch data, especially security. This complexity is exacerbated by decentralized data security and privacy policies, which can be highly manual, resource-intensive and error-prone. TrustLogix addresses these challenges by delivering a unified solution for discovery, fine-grained data entitlements, and monitoring that operates at cloud scale across all major cloud providers. Its current customers include one of the largest global investment banks, one of the top three social media platforms in the world, as well as leaders across the healthcare, fintech, and insurtech industries.


The TrustLogix Data Security Governance Platform helps data scientists and engineers scale data-driven innovation across all clouds and data platforms without performance tradeoffs. It provides:


  • Intelligent Monitoring & Discovery – 360-degree monitoring and discovery into who is accessing what data across all platforms and clouds. Machine learning-powered intelligence delivers observability insights and recommendations into data use patterns, abnormalities and overly broad permissions;
  • Fine-Grained Controls – create, deploy and enforce specific access controls and masking, down to the row and column level. Ensures that enterprises easily meet privacy and compliance requirements; and 
  • Performance-at-Scale – delivered through a proxyless, cloud-native architecture that doesn’t touch the data.

TrustLogix breaks down organizational silos and empowers data, security operations and governance teams to work together to deliver a stronger security posture without sacrificing time-to-value. The TrustLogix Data Security Governance Platform integrates with a variety of platforms and tools such as Amazon Redshift, Databricks, Tableau, SQL Server, MySQL, and more. To learn more about how TrustLogix accelerates digital transformation by simplifying enterprise data security and privacy, visit .


About TrustLogix

TrustLogix accelerates digital transformation by simplifying enterprise data security and privacy. Its unified platform centralizes observability and simplifies the implementation and enforcement of fine-grained access control across all clouds and data platforms — empowering enterprises with the confidence to scale data-driven innovation without sacrificing performance. For more information on TrustLogix, which is headquartered in Mountain View, CA, please visit or connect with us on Twitter at @TrustLogix.


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