TrustLogix Integrates with Snowflake Data Governance Framework

Enterprises gain data access governance across any cloud

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA (November 16, 2021) TrustLogix, which delivers a proxyless, cloud-native platform to unify data security and access controls without sacrificing performance, today announced it has integrated its Data Security Platform with the Snowflake Data Governance Framework. By integrating native Snowflake governance features in its platform, TrustLogix can provide a comprehensive data cloud solution with the assurance of highly stringent data security, mapped to a centralized organizational policy structure. This allows enterprises to mine analytics insights within Snowflake more efficiently while fully addressing their risk and compliance requirements.

“Customers are turning to Snowflake for warehousing and sharing at massive scales that weren’t previously possible. TrustLogix’ tight integration empowers Snowflake customers to precisely control and govern how that sharing takes place without sacrificing the underlying scale and performance,” said Ganesh Kirti, founder and CEO of TrustLogix. “We’re excited about what we’ve delivered with Snowflake today and look forward to enhancing the integration and partnership as we go forward.”

TrustLogix leverages Snowflake Data Governance Framework features such as row access policies, access history, and object dependencies to provide a single pane console to intelligently discover data misuse and protect sensitive data. s s. By doing so, organizations:

  • Observe & Discover –observe existing data access and sharing patterns within Snowflake, highlight ineffective usages controls and make recommendations to fully protect the data;
  • Embed Privacy Preservation Controls – Applies privacy and anonymization security at the data ingestion pipeline enables organizations securely load data in Snowflake, define privacy policies and allow for transparent access to rightful data owners; and
  • Granular Access Controls & Entitlements – helps data security engineers streamline Snowflake compute operations, enforcing least privilege without data consumers altering their native tooling.

“Snowflake enables companies to analyze and share data at cloud scale. TrustLogix allows this sharing to happen easily and securely, while keeping the data resident within Snowflake,” said Jonathan Sander, Security Field CTO at Snowflake. “TrustLogix’s architecture secures the data right at the source which is in the best interests of our joint customers.”

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About TrustLogix

TrustLogix accelerates digital transformation by simplifying enterprise data security and privacy. Its unified platform centralizes observability and simplifies the implementation and enforcement of fine-grained access control across all clouds and data platforms — empowering enterprises with the confidence to scale data-driven innovation without sacrificing performance. For more information on TrustLogix, which is headquartered in Mountain View, CA, please visit or connect with us on Twitter at @TrustLogix.


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