Collibra and TrustLogix Integration Closes the Loop Between Data Classification and Data Access

As companies continue to generate massive amounts of data on a daily basis, classifying and securing that data becomes increasingly difficult. TrustLogix has built an integration with Collibra to  leverage best-of-breed capabilities to deliver a modern solution for this challenge – faster access to more data.

Collibra is the industry leader in Data Intelligence and its catalog is a reference for classifying and cataloging data to accelerate their customers’ digital transformation programs. TrustLogix provides a cloud-native and proxyless Cloud Data Access Governance platform for monitoring and enforcing fine-grained data access control policies to secure data in cloud platforms like Snowflake, Redshift, and Databricks. The joint solution combines these powerful capabilities to empower mutual customers to use Collibra’s classification as part of TrustLogix security monitoring, policies, and recommendations. 

This integration is now available from the Collibra Marketplace and delivers many key benefits to joint Collibra-TrustLogix customers: 

  • Leverage Collibra data classification to discover and understand data that needs to be protected
  • Monitor and detect non-compliant usage
  • No-code policy management accelerates deployment and eliminates human error
  • Catalog integration reduces business friction in the data request / approval / access workflow

Collibra Classification Integration

Customers use Collibra’s powerful classification capabilities to auto-classify information based on its sensitivity and risk. PII, financial, healthcare, and other information is appropriately tagged as such based on the contents of the data. 

The Collibra-TrustLogix integration makes this information available through the TrustLogix's single-pane policy management console so that data security administrators can leverage it immediately for monitoring and data access control policies.

Collibra Catalog Integration

Collibra helps customers organize their datasets into a user-friendly catalog so that their data consumers can navigate and request access to those datasets easily and within a business context. 

TrustLogix uses Collibra’s APIs to traverse this catalog and make those same datasets available for security policy administration from within the TrustLogix console, streamlining security workflows for busy administrators.

Leveraging Data Source Security Constructs

The above are bound together with TrustLogix’s tight, native security integration with Snowflake, Redshift, Databricks, and other cloud data platforms, as well as Identity and Access Management (IAM) platforms like Active Directory. All of these rich low-level security constructs and controls are made available through the TrustLogix console as well.

This tight integration empowers data security teams to define rich and precise policies for monitoring and controlling fine-grained access to sensitive company data from a single pane of glass. 

Customer Benefits

The Collibra-TrustLogix integration delivers many powerful benefits to accelerate and secure the most valuable assets in joint customer environments.

Streamlined Data Access Control

By combining information from Collibra, IAM platforms, and underlying cloud data source systems, TrustLogix empowers data security teams to streamline their work by defining business-centric policies from a common interface. Data Owners and Data Stewards can navigate and select datasets from the Collibra catalog when designing data access control policies, and combine them with roles and security controls from the underlying cloud data platforms like Snowflake and Redshift.

For example, a Data Owner can now define a single policy from the TrustLogix interface that incorporates metadata from the Collibra Data Catalog, Collibra classification tags, and Snowflake roles and privileges. 

This is an example of a policy that grants doctors read access to HIPAA data in a particular Snowflake dataset:

  • Collibra catalog: VACCINATION_DATA from the EPIDEMIOLOGICAL_DATA database
  • Collibra tag: HIPAA
  • Active Directory role: Doctors
  • Snowflake Privilege: Select

No-Code Policy Management for Data-Centric Security

The Collibra-TrustLogix integration further accelerates workflows for Data Owners / Stewards by eliminating the need to do any coding to administer and manage data security policies. Typically, an admin would have to understand Collibra tags and cataloged datasets, as well as the underlying security constructs for Snowflake, Databricks, and the other data stores. They would then need to manually write SQL code to define the specifics of the security policy they are designing, and execute that code natively within the data platform. 

This not only creates complexity and work, it also increases the chances of human error introducing security vulnerabilities into the environment. 

TrustLogix uses the data from Collibra's catalog and tags to deliver data-centric security for joint customers. The TrustLogix platform auto-generates the appropriate code to model and implement the required policies following the primitives and constructs of the underlying data storage platforms such as Snowflake, Redshift, S3, and Databricks, completely eliminating all of that work and risk from the equation.

Following on from our previous example, the below shows how TrustLogix used Collibra classification to calculate which datasets contain HIPAA data, and generate the code to grant “Select” access in Snowflake for all users that have the Active Directory role of “Doctors”.

The policy is automatically deployed to the underlying platform so that DataSecOps teams have full confidence that policies are being modeled and enforced exactly as intended by the business.

Identify High Risk “Blind Spots”

As TrustLogix discovers dark (unused) data, overprivileged activity, and data exfiltration indicators, it leverages Collibra’s Classification Tags to determine the sensitivity level of that data and spotlight high-risk areas for security and governance teams. These findings are coupled with intelligent recommendations for those teams so that their valuable time can be focused on remediating items that pose the most risk to the organization. 



Eliminate Friction for Data Consumers to Access Information

Ultimately, data, and the access to that data, is the fuel that drives the innovation engine for large and successful organizations. Security at the cost of business friction serves no purpose. Customers leverage Collibra Data Catalog to make sensitive data easily available for their data scientists, analysts, and other consumers. 

The Collibra-TrustLogix integration transparently applies appropriate security monitoring and access control policies to ensure that the data is both easily available and only accessible for authorized consumers.

Learn More

This powerful new integration is now available from the Collibra Marketplace. Please use the links below to learn more.



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