Security-Business Collaboration is the Key to Cloud Data Security Governance

20220419 - Jefferies-Snowflake-TLX Webinar LP Sidebar

Whether you missed part of this lively roundtable discussion or were unable to attend, by popular request it's now available on-demand! 

Leaders from Jefferies, Snowflake, and TrustLogix discuss how technology can be used to build bridges instead of barriers between security and your business. They also answer attendee questions, including:

  • Where does compliance fit into the modern cloud data world?
  • How does identity and access management fit into today's data access paradigm?
  • How are data access monitoring and telemetry handled?
  • And much more!

Featured Speakers

Jerry Kowalski

Jerry Kowalski

Americas’ CISO, Jefferies

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Jonathan Sander

Security Field CTO, Snowflake


Ganesh Kirti

Founder & CEO, TrustLogix

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