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To Your AWS Data Platform

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Comprehensive Control and Visibility Across All Platforms and Applications

TrustLogix provides a single pane for intelligent monitoring and fine-grained access control across multiple AWS data platforms. Our Trustlet — a proxy-less serverless service — can be deployed in SaaS or Customer cloud to reliably and securely provide data access.

Platforms and Applications

Democratize Data Security to Accelerate Business Innovation


Ensure least privilege access principle from data pipeline ingestion to consumption


Don’t let growing data volumes and complexity slow you down


Meet privacy and compliance requirements like SOC2, SOX, and GDPR with ease

Seamless Integration with AWS


Trustlogix Integration with Amazon Redshift

While native and third-party services each have their own methods of securing data, TrustLogix provides a single platform for granting access to data, as well as monitoring that access across native AWS services and third-party platforms sitting on top of your data lake.

Other AWS services supported

Amazon S3
Amazon Dynamo
Amazon RDS
Amazon Glue
Amazon Private Link

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